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14 & Muslim puts human faces on members of the Islamic community and encourages audiences to afford these students the same respect and consideration they give the community at large… One hopes the TV at the White House gets the CBC.
— Pat Mullen, POV Magazine
It’s a pencil-sketch as impactful as a full-blown portrait. It is nuanced and rich, as affectionate about its subjects as it is sometimes heartbreaking to watch. Beautifully done.
— John Doyle, The Globe and Mail
[The featured students] offer a lot of perspective, speaking freely on how they register the world outside them, what they assume are people’s perceptions of them and what that does to their nerves and wariness.
— Radheyan Simonpillai, NOW Magazine

VueWeekly (Edmonton weekly)

14 & Muslim




Canada Now/ Sirius XM Satellite Radio- Canada, Host: Jeff Sammut


The Pulse/AMI Radio (Ntl), HOST: Dave Brown (Ottawa)

Live Radio w/Wendy Rowland (Director)


What She Said Radio/ 105.9 The Region Radio

14 & Muslim director Wendy Rowland (Quick Cut)


680 News, Talk Radio (Toronto) Picked up CP (Canadian Press wire)

CBC-TV documentary examines life as a Muslim teenager



Our Toronto (CBC Toronto TV, Weekend)

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